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Apple does not cover liquid damaged devices and does not repair them. There’s an LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) installed in the device and can be checked by an Apple technician to determine whether your iPhone has been exposed to "water or a liquid containing water".  If so, the warranty is void.

A device that is exposed to water or other liquids can begin to corrode and an irreversible deterioration or degradation of materials may result. This may cause the device to malfunction and in some cases it is not fixable, however in our experience, about 75% of water damaged iPhones can be saved if you bring it early enough.  Our water damage charge is $35 - $200 and we don’t charge anything if we can’t fix your iPhone.


Immediately power off your device after contact with liquid! Do not try to turn the device back on! This is a very common mistake people make.

Please don’t put it in the bag of rice. Putting an iPhone or iPad in rice for a couple days just gives the liquid more time to do damage to it.  The key is to open up the phone and begin disassembly as quickly as possible.

iPhone Liquid Damage Repair

Get Your Liquid Damaged iPhone Fixed

iRepair Seattle can often bring your device back to life, rescue data, and replace any parts that may have been damaged.

5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 6+

$35 - $125


6s / 6s +  

$35 - $175


7 / 7+ / 8 / 8+

$35 - $225